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Common Winter Injuries or Conditions Fremont

During winter, your skin will likely lose moisture due to harsh winds, cold weather, and even heat that zaps moisture from the air. During colder months, individuals are likely to get injured or develop conditions such as:

Arthritis flare-ups

During winter, bodies become tense due to cold, and even outdoor activities become less. Lack of physical activity and warmth can make your joints stiff, which makes your arthritis symptoms worse. Physical activity is vital for overall health, whether hitting the fitness center, walking, or any sport. Water helps during and after any physical activity or
otherwise. The purpose is to be active, not be hard on yourself, and do as much as your body can. Avoid any arthritis flare-ups by staying tucked in and warm.

Slips or falls

Fall or slip injuries do not affect only older people but anyone, as they can lead to bruises, fractures, broken bones, etc. If anyone slips or falls forward, they are likely to get hurt in the knee, shoulder, or wrist. However, if you fall backward, you will likely hit your back,
and it can be hard to prevent such incidents. But you may take some precautions, such as taking small steps, moving slowly, and wearing good boots. Keeping your hands free and clearing snow from the sidewalks is a good idea too.   

Injuries from cold conditions 

Do you know even frostbite is common? Frostbite occurs if your hands and feet are not adequately protected in the cold. It starts with discoloration, numbness, and eventually death of surrounding tissue. Always wear the proper clothing, so no portion of the skin is exposed and gets frostbite. Several layers of clothing can help protect you from frostbite,
along with gloves and boots.

Injuries from winter sports

Ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey are popular activities. While saving yourself from the fall, your hands/wrist can strain or break. Also, your shoulder, elbow, back, hip, and knee can be severely affected. It’s a good idea to have proper knowledge and techniques and a lot of practice.

If you get hurt and sprain, fracture, or injure your hand, wrist, or even elbow while performing any activities, our hand therapists specializing in rehabilitating hand, wrist, and elbow injuries and surgeries can help you. So, schedule an appointment with The FORM Hand today at (510) 480-3700.